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Strategy Guru Professor Robert Kaplan, Harvard Business School received Global Management Guru Award 2012 in a grand ceremony attended by captains of industry, government and academia.09 November, 2012 in New Delhi.


GMGA 2012 Global Survey Report

Global survey of 1600 professors, industry experts and media professionals is completed by www.mbauniverse.com and full report is published. Global Survey Report


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Guru's Thought Leadership


The Double X Economy concept not only recognizes the participation of women in all aspects of the economy, but highlights the ways that these behaviors become interconnected across domains and national boundaries, while exhibiting a distinctive ethos as a result of the gendered identity of the...

Commoditization—a particularly virulent form of hypercompetition—is destroying markets, disrupting industries, and shuttering long-successful firms. Conventional wisdom says the best way to combat commoditization is differentiation. But this strategy is difficult (and expensive) to implement,...

Corporations, as well as people, can be neurotic – paranoid, compulsive, depressive. Sometimes a neurosis reflects the leadership style of the top executive, but it can come to permeate the organization at all levels. Whatever their origins, neuroses threaten an organization’s well-bring and...

Blue Ocean Strategy goes beyond competition by opening up a larger ‘pie.’  It challenges the traditional structuralist view of strategy that regards industry structure as fixed and given. In contrast, Blue Ocean Strategy is based on a reconstructionist view of strategy whereby companies can...

Marketing 3.0 raises the concept of marketing to the level of human aspirations, values and the spirit and is based on the premise that consumers are fully progressive human beings, and therefore all their requests and hopes deserve attention. Marketing 3.0 is called to satisfy consumer demands for...

The basic rationale for Learning Organizations is that in situations of rapid change only those that are flexible, adaptive and productive will excel. For this to happen, it is argued, organizations need to ‘discover how to tap people’s commitment and capacity to learn at all levels.  

There is more to an economy than economics, and more to capitalism than the financial markets that now dominate it. Nations will have to rebuild their enterprises carefully in order to recapture their legendary sense of enterprise.  

The way an organization operates is an integral component in how employees derive their attitudes and behaviors. Employees’ exhibit different behaviors based upon whether certain structural supports were in place as power is derived from formal and informal sources, staffs require access to...

Innovation is constructed of two parts, one which is the idea and second which is execution of idea. Most organizations emphasize to generate new ideas but execution which is resource intensive, change demanding and long time commitment is delayed by design. The dirty work has to be performed...

Performance management system is optimised by synergy in Strategy Maps and The Balanced Scorecard for effective strategy execution. Firms achieve extraordinary using strategy maps and scorecards for inter-organizational alignment particularly for creating shared value with customers, suppliers,...

University-based business schools were founded to train a professional class of managers in the mold of doctors and lawyers but have effectively retreated from that goal, leaving a gaping moral hole at the center of business education and perhaps in management itself.  

What value will we offer in the service, in the way we attend to the customer: through which channels, with what messages, by what means…Only the combination of “Valued customer + Value proposition + Value Network” is capable of guaranteeing the success of Customer Marketing Strategies.  

Real strategic HR is about developing ways of putting people where they belong – at the centre of the business, not on the sidelines. The notion that people are our greatest asset is a truism, not a cliche.  

GREAT BY CHOICE: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck attempts to answer, why do some companies thrive in uncertainty, even chaos, and others do not?  

The fundamental purpose of management is to keep the current system functioning. The fundamental purpose of leadership is to produce useful change .